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      We supply travertine in virtually any form. Travertine can be used in variety of applications from flooring to wall tiles, countertop backsplashes.    

    Since travertine provides non-slip surface, it can be used indoor or outdoor for residential or commercial applications.

    Travertine has its own natural unique appeal. There are no two travertine tiles that are exactly the same. We provide one of the best ranges of travertine which is carefully sorted prior to packaging.
      Our travertine tiles are carefully calibrated and available in honed, polished, brushed, chiseled, bush hammered and tumbled finishes.
    Filled and Honed Tiles

Commercial tile application
  Available sizes:
12"x12"x3/8", 16"x16"x1/2", 18"x18"x1/2"
Commercial Tile Ivory Yellow   Noce
SIZE Pieces/Box Boxes/Crate Pieces/Crate Weight/Crate Pallets/20' Container
12"X12" 10 36 360 1850 22
16"X16" NA NA 160 1750 26
18"X18" NA NA 160 1700 22
*Unfilled and chıselled edge tiles are available.
    Tumbled Tiles
 Available sizes:
Classic   Yellow   Noce
SIZE Pieces/Box Boxes/Crate Weight/Crate Pallets/20'Container
4"X4" 50 72 2100 21
6"X6" 22 72 2100 21
8"X8" 22 72 2100 21
      French Pattern  
     It is available either filled or unfilled with tumbled or brushed/chiseled edge.
    Colors : Classic, Noce and Yellow.

    One French pattern consists of
2 pieces of 16"x24"x1/2",
4 pieces of 16"x16"x1/2",
2 pieces of 8"x16"x1/2",
and 4 pieces of 8"x8"x1/2".
It is packed as half pattern bundle.
# of French Pattern/Crate Pieces/Box Boxes/Crate Weight/Crate Crates/20' Container
20 24 40 1980 20
    It is available either tumbled or chiseled edge.

    Colors : Classic, Noce and Yellow.

Pieces/Crate Weight/Crate Crates/20' Container
300 2400 20

    All mosaics are on 12"x12" mesh and available in Classic, Yellow, Noce

  1/2"X1/2" Yellow   1" X1" Classic   2" X2" Noche   1"X2" Brick Pattern  
Snapped face regular   Octagon Snapped face brick
Pieces/Box Boxes/Crate Weight/Crate Crates/20' Container
Any Size Mosaics 5 86 1980 21
    *Borders/corners are packed as 10  pieces/ box.

Border 3001
  Border 2404
Border 7005
Border 4814
Border 5003
  Border 8009
  Border 9006

    All molding styles are available in
Classic, Noce, and Yellow colors.

Style#02 5/8"x11-7/8"   Style#03 1-3/8"x12"
Style#05 1-6/8"x12"   Style#06 2-3/8"x12"
*Moldings are packed as 10 pieces/ box.

    All medallions are available in
    24", 36" and 48" width or diameter.


    *Please contact us for your custom
    medallions designs.